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I am a proud Nevada girl. My great-grandfather, Jake Johnson, was the Sheriff of Lincoln County, Nevada in the late 1800s. My grandfather, Alexander Lloyd, was Superintendent of Mines in Lincoln County and my father, Johnson W. Lloyd was the youngest elected County Clerk in Lincoln County, the D.A. of Esmeralda County, and D.A. of Eureka county for over 30 years.


Being raised by a strong single mother, always living paycheck to paycheck, has given me empathy. I know what it feels like to have the utilities turned off and eat pancakes for every meal.  I also developed a firm resolve to overcome.

Having a charming, brilliant father who suffered from alcoholism taught me what pitfalls in life to avoid and I developed a sense of pride in his success overcoming his addiction. I was blessed with loving, human parents and I learned valuable lessons from them. 


I am an optimist. 

I look for solutions instead of excuses. 

Can't is not an option.


I studied journalism at the University of Nevada, Reno. The best decision I ever made was to marry my high school sweetheart, Ira Hansen. Together, we took on the world with youthful enthusiasm! We married, bought a home and started a plumbing business at the ripe old age of 20. We have weathered business challenges that have taken others out of business. We have consoled each other through tragedy and trials. We have raised 8 of the most amazing children and are the proud grandparents of 20. We like to jokingly remind our children, all college graduates - who hold degrees in fields that make us feel both pride and wonder - that Ira and I have a PhD in LIFE.


I am also a licensed Nevada Realtor. Collaborating daily with so many hard-working families of Nevada is something that has always provided me with a great deal of joy and purpose.

Our children are grown and the time has come for me to put to use the business sense, the mom sense and the common sense I have developed throughout the years. I have an innate desire to learn and to serve. I am up for the challenge and would be honored to serve my fellow Nevadans in the State Assembly. I would appreciate your vote this coming election day.


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