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As a business owner, I've employed hundreds of Nevadans over the past 30 years. I know what it means to make payroll. I know what it feels like when the economy crumbles and you have to scramble to stay in business and think outside the box to survive.
 I have learned how important it is to treat others with respect, make hard decisions, work long hours, and be trustworthy. These are the same qualities we should expect to find in our elected officials and why I am willing to serve the State of Nevada on behalf of the constituents of Assembly District 32.


Not only are my family roots deep in rural Nevada, so is my respect. No matter how civilized and progressive we think we are, there is such inspiration and backbone to the good people who carve out a livelihood from the harsh, arid conditions of a beautiful desert state like Nevada.
Whether it be mining, ranching or farming,we must always be engaged in understanding the challenges and concerns of our hard working, tax paying rural Nevadans. We must protect their rural lifestyle from the long arm of the federal government. Those who live off of the land should have a seat at the table of policy making and their wisdom and knowledge should be taken into account.
The romance of the West and the pride we feel in our state is founded in what rural Nevada is.
Nevada ranks 50th in the nation in education. I'm not interested in nice speeches and empty promises. I'm interested in facts and empirically driven results with our children's future in mind. I have long been a fan of great educational innovators such as Marva Collins and Geoffrey Canada. We must look to reforms that have proven to be successful and not rely on answers from the same sources that continue to give us failing outcomes.
The founding fathers did not enshrine the right to keep and bear arms in our founding documents so that we could merely hunt. The 2nd Amendment is our right to protect ourselves, our families, and our nation.
"...shall not be infringed."



Freedom of speech, the open exchange of ideas, and community engagement are the pillars on which any successful society depends. I would love to hear what YOU are most concerned about and look forward to an ongoing conversation.

Thanks! Message sent.

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